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Shine was my final project study at Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue(UQAT). It was a collaborative work with eight other students from three universities during eight months for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition.

There were thirteen universities from Province of Ontario & Quebec and United States. This project, Shine, as won the competition (Best Game Prototype), it also won the Best Art Direction & Best Design. The project has been nominated in five of the eight categories.


I was the Team Leader; I manage and plan the production of the team. I was also the Tech Artist of the group, I setup the Perforce pipeline and the production for the Art, Design, Prog & Sound, each person at home or at their school was having the same game. I teach how to use UDK & Perforce to half of the team. I rig and integrate all the character into the engine. I was the person in charge of troubleshooting UDK & Unreal Frontend, I make all Kismet event and most of gameplay shader. I was the person responsible of the behavior of the vegetation in the entire game.

You can tease yourself with the video below, you can see the entire game in this video or you can download it here.